Need Assistance on RPL Report for ACS?

ACS known as Australian Computer Society is responsible for information and communications Technology professionals. ACS was established with the aim to regulate development of ICT resources and to promote Australian ICT (information and communication technology). ACS is the significant body in Australia for professions Australia which focuses on computer and data processing science and technology. It was the computer society internationally under IP3.

What is RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Report?

RPL Report is an assessment for engineers where a people possess the necessary skills and knowledge gained through avenues other than Formal training such as work experience, life experience, informal Training and formal training. RPL assesses and acknowledges the skills and knowledge students may possess, matching evidenced knowledge, skills, and experience to the components of a qualification/unit of competency.

Why RPL Report for ACS is Demanded by Engineers?

RPL Report is for those engineers who do NOT have a Tertiary ICT qualification and have a minimum of 6 years of experience related. if you fall in this category then you have to produce RPL report for ACS.

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