What is a RPL Assessment?

If you wish to move abroad for a decent job but you don’t have the required formal educational qualifications specified by the occupation, and you believe that your age, work, and life experiences have provided you with many options for learning, you can inquire about Recognition of prior knowledge. With the help of RPL process, not only will you be accepted for study in the program, but also it ensures that a wide range of your skills and knowledge will be taken into account when considering your RPL application. RPL Assessment process is to provide recognition for higher entry and non-standard admissions to educational pathways. It also awards credit point elements within the program. What is an RPL assessment? RPL process surely helps you value and build on your knowledge no matter where that learning has taken place.

The objective of RPL:

  • To value the proficiency of an applicant and provide equal opportunities for evaluating and acknowledging it, irrespective of the time, place and way of getting the knowledge and skills
  • To support lifetime learning and flexibility within the education system
  • To improve access to people who are non-ICT qualified and broaden their opportunities to obtain a qualification

RPL process:

After getting your RPL application, the relevant educational department will find out, whether your RPL application is feasible or not based on the information that you provide. You need to submit detailed and relevant information about yourself. Feasibility mainly depends on the nature of your work, knowledge gained in the workplace and experience by relating to their qualification and the way we expect. The preparation for the evaluation is program specific, and you will get instructions and essential guidelines from the assessment team. It may involve a small test or development of a portfolio of proof. It could also be a probable combination.

The evidence you provide should show that:

  • The work was performed, and the skills and knowledge got by the applicants themselves
  • The knowledge gained meets the required level for qualification
  • A close connection between theoretical acquaintance and practical skills
  • The knowledge and skills obtained are up-to-date
  • It is relevant directly to what is being applied for.

We aim to make sure that you receive excellent quality services from us. We have the expertise to deliver top-quality and globally accepted RPL to professionals for a long time. Let us look after your RPL Report, and you can focus on your work.