RPL Assessment

Australian Computer Society (ACS) needs Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report to assess an ICT degree through ACS. This qualification is as same as the qualification awarded through studying. In RPL the person doesn’t want to sit in a classroom and consider the things they already know. Instead, the person can show the evidence that they have covered in work. All engineers have to go through RPL Assessment if they want to work or live in Australia as computer professionals.

Reason for getting Qualification through RPL Assessment

  • To satisfy license and regulatory requirements in the industry.
  • Consolidating and validating skills gained through the experience.
  • Providing proofs for promotion.
  • Converting abilities into a general format so the powers can be transferred to different industries.
  • Measuring the level of qualification that matches the candidate.
  • Providing proofs as evidence of the person currency to train others.
  • Converting the overseas experience or skill into Australian requirement.
  • RPL Assessment Process:
  • Choose the units of the competence.
  • The Application form is completed and submitted; groups have to be identified and recognised.
  • The candidate is registered as RPL and invoice will be issued.
  • The invoice has to be paid.
  • Portfolio of evidence has to be prepared and submitted for assessment.
  • His collection is forwarded to the assessor for evaluation.
  • The assessor evaluates the portfolio evidence and provides the assessment outcome’s feedback to the candidate.

Stages of RPL assessment Process:

  • The purpose of the assessment has to be established.
  • Required evidence has to be identified.
  • Evidence gathering methods have to be used.
  • Interrupted proof has to be provided, and a judgement is made.
  • The outcome has to be recorded.

Assessment methods will support the literacy level, experience, educational background and culture of the candidate by ensuring the competency rules are followed. Assessment methods will make the candidate demonstrate the outcome. Advice is provided to the candidate about the assessment process and type of evidence needed to be submitted to the CPA Australia RTO for assessing an RPL application. Sufficient information will be provided to the candidate for preparing evidence. The RPL assessment process will be done by the qualified RPL assessor who is an expert in the RPL practice and procedures.

How to write a competency report for RPL Assessment?

Writing an RPL report is not a difficult task. The candidate has to showcase what they learnt, how they learned and how they practically solved the problem. First, the candidate has to download the ACS Project Report from the official ACS website. Then, the candidate has to read the Key areas of the knowledge so they can get an idea about the things that have to be specified in the project report. Samples are referred in writing the description in the best manner. The RPL report has to be written in the unique form, and it should be plagiarism free. The story should be based on the specifications mentioned in the resume. The best RPL report demonstrates the skills of the candidate as per the ANZSCO codes.

Evidence Needed for RPL Report Process:
  • Descriptions of the candidate’s position.
  • Academic qualification and transcripts.
  • Internal training documents.
  • Documentation for operational plans, risk management plans, budget plans and analysis report.
  • Meetings participated by the candidate.
  • Records of compliance.
  • Task lists.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Observation from the candidate’s workplace.
  • Review of performance and appraisal documents of staffs.
  • Incident reports.
  • Relevant license.
Preparing the RPL Assessment Evidence Portfolio:

While making the RPL assessment Evidence Portfolio, the candidate should gather the information about their skill, knowledge and performance mentioned in the unit of competency. The candidates have to submit a different type of evidence to support the RPL application. List of expected proof that demonstrates the skills and knowledge of the candidate has to be sent to the assessor. The candidate should contact the higher official before preparing the RPL application. The documentation of the evidence has to be addressed that supports the prior learning, and the identified education has to be proved and demonstrated. The statements of knowledge describe the experience of the candidate and documentation provides the proofs. Relevant literature helps the assessor to identify the level of competence of the candidate. The document has to be selected in the view of the assessor.

Each unit of competency provides an outline of the supplied evidence. Evidence may include:

  • Candidate’s resume with the specification of the job position and related skill requirements.
  • Completed testimonials.
  • Work samples, including a presentation that demonstrates the knowledge.
  • A complete review of the performance.
  • Certificates of attainment.
  • Documentation of the product.
  • Documentation of the disclosure.
  • Company policy and procedure.
  • Finished documentation that records and captures the client’s objectives and expectations.
  • Finished documentation that achieves the client’s situation.
  • Completed documentation that record and meet the client’s needs.
  • Information technology, codes and administrative system that applies to the units.
  • Relevant laws and legislation.
  • Completed documentation was containing a requirement of fees, charges and interest.
  • Documents of reviews and services.
  • Research material samples.
  • Relevant assignments from the CPA Program.
  • Reports and records from CPA Australia supporting program.
  • Reports wrote about stimulations and group training activities.
  • Learning, skill and competence testimonials.
  • Advantages of RPL Assessment Australia:
  • Nationally Recognized industry qualification that may be full or partial.
  • The candidate needs to attend pieces of training alone.
  • Unnecessary classes are not visited, so it saves time.
  • Accredited qualification is completed, and the candidate can do work sooner.
  • Acknowledgement of the experience is provided.
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