RPL for 457 Visa Australia

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL for 457 visa) – An assessment conducted in Australia to test the skills of an individual, who don’t have any qualifications related to ICT. For example, if you have on the hand experience as a Software engineer for quite a long time, then you should have already had most of the knowledge or skills that you would be learning if you have done the course in Australia. So, through Recognition of Prior Learning certificates, you can change your existing skills and knowledge, which you have gained through job experience into a recognised qualification in Australia.

An Individual must have some necessary skills necessary for the applicant for them to migrate to Australia. RPL Report is needed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). So, ACS demands the ICT professionals show their qualifications, skills and renowned work experience to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration. For this mandate, even the applicants who don’t have any relevant ICT qualification will have to submit their ACS RPL for 457 visa Australia Report Form. RPL helps in getting your qualification cheaper and faster. It will only cost lesser than your ordinary skill certificate because you don’t need to pay for the knowledge which you already possess.

Main configurations of RPL for 457 Visa Australia

The main idea of ACS skill assessment is to provide an opportunity for the nation- ICT professionals to show and improvise their skills. It also let them explain that they have parallel skills and the way, how they mastered those skills. They also provide a choice of including a large number of areas in which they have conquered the particular knowledge in the section, “Key Areas of Knowledge” found in the RPL report.  The main idea for introducing this section by ACS Knowledge body is for providing opportunities even for those applicants, who don’t have the relevant ICT qualification or a similar degree/diploma in Australian universities but have hands-on experience for several in ICT profession. These types of individuals/candidates can apply for ICT Skills Assessment, using the RPL assessment process.

TWO types of RPL Assessment for Applications are:

  1. ) Candidates, who have a degree certificate but not any relevant ICT certifications:

They must be a professional ICT employee in an organisation with not less than six years’ experience. The field of employment must also be relevant to the nominated discipline of ANZSCO Code.

  1. ) Candidates, who don’t have a tertiary qualification:

That candidate must possess an additional two years of ICT skilled employment, so totally eight years of ICT specific experience. However, these other two years of work need not necessarily be relevant to RPL ANZSCO code ACS.

Following are the frameworks which have to be mandatory included in the ACS RPL form for Australian 457 Visa

  • Network topologies including size, distribution and security facilities installed;
  • Project Management and quality assurance techniques followed;
  • Database and file design and management techniques employed;
  • Implementation of Internet application design, including database interactivity and security measures;
  • Contribution to the processes involved in the design and implementation of enterprise-wide computer systems;
  • Methodologies used for System Analysis and Design and Software Engineering;
  • The programming languages used, and procedures adopted for design.
  • Primary reasons to have an Australian qualification through RPL Australia:
  • Your Australian Employer:
  • The Australian employer, where you are employed to, may/may not recognise or accept your skill or experience overseas, so with the help of RPL or credit transfer you could find an opportunity that allows you to get an Australian recognised qualification.
  • For Migration:
  • RPL report for 457 visa paves an excellent pathway for those who have the hands-on experience, knowledge and skills required to work in a profession, but not the needed formal educational qualification. You may request a Diploma or No Objection Certificate to obtain a visa or pass a skills assessment test.
  • To practice a profession with license:
  • To procure a permit to work in a job, you may be required to get an Australian recognised qualification.
  • There must be several other questions arising on your mind about RPL. Some of them are listed below for your reference:

How much would it cost?

RPL does not come at a single cost. It varies on a lot of factors including:

  • Where you do the assessment;
  • What qualification you are looking to obtain;
  • How much work goes into each evaluation?
  • Your previous work experiences

What are the documents to be provided for ACS RPL Visa 457 Australia ?

To get an RPL, you must provide:

  • Academic documents of the previous education;
  • Your academic degree or diploma certificate;
  • Certificates of all the short/long term courses relating to the field (if any);
  • An overview of all the previous courses taken;

Former employers gave reference letters;

  • A copy of your resume;
  • Payslips of prior employment.

 Who can assess the Recognised Prior Learning (RPL for ACS)?

Registered Training Organisations located in Australia have to provide Recognised Prior Learning services.

How RPL differs from credit transfer?

RPL allows those candidates who have relevant previous work experience in a profession to obtain an Australian recognised qualification.

But a credit transfer can only help you to use your previous education at another education provider to receive credit for enrolling in the main course.

At starting, enquires the trainer whether the credit transfer for your studies or work exposure will be received or not.

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