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RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Australia is a skill assessment for candidates with non-ICT, insufficient ICT qualification or without any tertiary qualifications. The RPL report has to be submitted to the ACS (Australian Computer Society). The purpose of RPL assessment is to provide the candidate with a chance to demonstrate their qualification for submitting RPL Application. ACS report has to be written logically by best RPL Report Writers Australia

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  • Assessor visits the student’s workplace, where they will demonstrate the abilities and description of the job, references and appraisal of the performance. The assessor comes to know about the skills and knowledge of the student/ candidate, and the assessor will match the skills with the qualification.
  • For applying RPL, the candidate must have minimum 12 months of work experience and experience mentioned in evidence portfolio should be from last five years.

Tips for Writing RPL Report ACS by Our Amazing RPL Report Writers

  • The candidate can name the techniques used in the database management system to portray their skills.
  • Mention the process that is followed in the initial stages of the project.
  • The candidate has to mention the implementation ideas and the how the profession is used to design the plan.
  • Programming languages used in the project have to be specified.

RPL Report Procedures:

  • RPL application Submission.
  • Assessing RPL applications.
  • Type of documentation needed as evidence.
  • Presenting the RPL portfolio.
  • Processing of RPL Application.
  • How to proceed, if the candidate is not satisfied.
  • Method of transferring credits.

Working of RPL Report?

  • Skills and Knowledge of the candidate are assessed through the competencies of units in the qualification.
  • The candidate’s performance in work experience and the outcome of the formal and informal training experience are taken into account during RPL assessment.
  • The candidate will demonstrate the skills through the work experience, learning and life experience. The prior learning is recognised by explaining the new abilities, and they meet current industry standards.
  • Recent evidence of the skills and knowledge has to be submitted.
  • The contact details for of the person who confirm your abilities have to be sent. This candidate may be a supervisor or other employer in the workplace of the candidate.

Required Documents for RPL Report:

  • Academic transcript of the previous course.
  • Academic certificate
  • Certificate, of course, related to the field.
  • Course overview for the path taken.
  • References from former employers.
  • Resume copy.
  • Payslips from last employment.


The candidate must submit the proof of training and employment to support the application. The candidate should have at least four years of experience in the occupation at the required skill level. This may include a maximum 12 month time spent in training at the workplace. The proof should be validated for all the candidate has worked in an occupation at least for six months in the three years, and it should be verified. The following are the evidence needed to be submitted,

  • Financial records that show the employee’s period.
  • Reference from the employers about the task performed by the candidate. Text must be about company letterhead, containing contact details and signed by a referee who may be employer or supervisor. The contact details should be correct.
  • Trading records, short courses, trade qualifications and license.
  • Video or photos of the work performed.
  • Candidate’s resume

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